Kurundwad is a small town on the banks of the Panchganga River in Kolhapur district; it lies in the southern part of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

During the British Raj, Kurundwad was a native state of India, falling under the Deccan division of Bombay Presidency, and forming part of the Southern Maratha Jagirs. Originally created in 1772 by a grant from the Peshwa, the state was later divided into two parts, one of which, called “Shedbal”, lapsed to the British government in 1857.

According to the 1901 census, the senior branch had the population of 42,474; and that of the junior branch was 34,003. The chiefs of both the branches were Brahmans by caste, belonging to the Patwardhan family. Both the branches had their residence in the town of Kurundwad which had the population of 10,415 in 1901. The last ruler (junior line) was Major His Highness Raja Shrimant Raghunathrao Ganpatrao (Dadasaheb) Patwardhan, ADC to the 1st President of India, Recipient of the Independence Medal, Recipient of King George V Silver Jubilee Medal & King George VI Coronation Medal [ Hereditary Distinction ].

Raja Shrimant Bhalchandrarao II Chintamanrao Patwardhan, Raja of Kurundwad – Snr. Ranks as a 1st Class Sardar in the southern Maratha country (Kurundwad House, 10-A Margaldas Road, 411001 – Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Kurundwad is situated near the banks of two rivers, Krishna and Panchganga. Near Krishna River, there is a beautiful construction, Kurundwad Ghat, built by Raja Raghunathrao I Dadasaheb Patwardhan around the year 1795. There is a ‘Samadhi’ (memorial) of Santajiraje Ghorapade who was Commander-in-Chief of Maratha forces that humbled Aurangzeb during the reign of Chhatrapati Rajaram (1689–1700). In addition to Marathi, Kannada is widely spoken and understood due to proximity with Karnataka.

In Kurundwad city and surrounding villages there are many ancient places which are famous and noteworthy. You can visit these places:

Old Vishnu Mandir

There is a myth that the main Lord Vishnu temple was built in a day (probably overnight). The ‘Darshan Hall’ and the surrounding structures were constructed later on. However, its really noteworthy to construct the entire (main) temple in one single day. If you look at the entire structure with the delicate carvings its a wonder. I have some photographs of this temple for the viewers.



Khidrapur Shiva Mandir

Ganesh Mandir

Nagar Palika



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  1. Avadhoot says:

    Delighted to read this blog Mr. Sohoni. I spent my childhood in Kurundwad, very nice place. also to mention that there is a very famous shop named ‘Avadhut Pedha’… Believe me, no one can prepare such a nice kandi/fikka pedhas in authentic way. Taste is at par… If not, I suggest you try sometime freshly prepared Pedhe in Avadhut Pedhewala… Thanks.

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