Travel Time

There are millions and millions of tourists in the world eager to quench their wander thirst, some luxury loving, some ready to take things as they come and some ready to stray off the beaten track. 

Tourism is an exchange of thoughts, traditions, culture, art, literature and other human activities between peoples of different countries which enables the promotion of goodwill without making any apparent effort. It gives a view of one country and express the view of another. These people have carried the flag of faith and the fervour of friendship from port to portal in various countries, in various cities and into various houses.

Tourism is misunderstood as wastage of money. A man widely travelled is widely acclaimed. Travelling is an education by itself. The knowledge of peoples, places, territories, languages and culture is more needed for better understanding. Tourism provides it to everyone with effortless attempt. You just have to remain silent eye witness to the surrounding world.

In today’s fast life the man becomes more tired of the hurry and bustle of the present life, leading him to find solace and recreation in playing, fishing or the like which tourism aptly provides. 

This blog contains information on almost all important places of interest around us. It covers the historical, the scenically, the architectural and cultural aspects of the world around us. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, you will find most of the information here to make your travel easy be it beautiful coastline, awe-inspiring mountains, holy shrines, cave-architecture, art and culture, challenging tracks or exciting wildlife.


About Gautam Sohoni

This inquisitive nature of mine has prompted me take this opportunity to Blog and let the world know how they can make their lives better and a world a better place to live in.
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